The Box Office Season 1 Episode 27 – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

David Fincher makes unusual movies. Never boring, but always unusual. Most recently it was the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but he also has such gems as Fight Club, Social Network, and so on. Each new film is very different and I feel this shows Fincher’s talent. He doesn’t make new versions of the same movies, he makes fresh original tales every time out.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a very different film. It has a sense of style coupled with a sense of deep dread and shocking, almost unwatchable plot twists. I struggle to think of a film that I have seen that is as dark as this one. Things like Schindler’s list and Sophie’s Choice come to mind, none of which provide any semblance of light mystery. It makes sense that the original title of the book was “Men who Hate Women,” and with that knowledge, prepare yourself.

Rooney Mara is truly remarkable as our title character. And It will be a travesty if her performance is set aside during the awards season, because this was easily the best performance of the year. Even though she was the stand out performance in this film, everyone was excellent. Christopher Plummer; excellent. Daniel Craig; excellent. Stellen Skargard; awesome. I tell you, this is a great movie to see, but see it with a warning. Its a hard, heavy film, but worthy of a viewing. Fans of light entertainment, or even people that aren’t looking for a drama should avoid it.

Conclusion: If you like deep, dark dramas, then you’ll LOVE this. FULL PRICE! Otherwise, stay away.
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