Mark Cuban sips on “haterade”

Mark Cuban is one of the more well-known NBA Owners for his role as an entrepreneur and his involvement with the show “Shark Tank.” However, he is very well-known amongst NBA fans for sipping on haterade. In fact, he guzzles it by the gallon. Whenever team not named the Dallas Mavericks makes a move to dramatically improve their team, Cuban is always there to dismiss and downplay that team’s progress. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Mark Cuban is not a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers’ and Brooklyn Nets’ offseason moves.

Cuban claims (truthfully, I might add) that simply adding pieces to your team does not guarantee success. The Miami Heat, for example, added all-stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh to their roster two seasons ago now, yet they only have one championship to show for it. He therefore concludes that “The Lakers have done this before. Gary Payton and Karl Malone and Kobe and Shaq were all together, and it didn’t work,” referring to the 2003-2004 Lakers squad that lost to the Pistons in the NBA Finals.

What he doesn’t recognize as dramatically different in the Lakers’ case, however, is the fact that Gary Payton and Karl Malone were two “over the hill” athletes who joined the Lakers simply to chase a championship for one or possibly two years. The addition of Dwight Howard is entirely different.

Dwight Howard was added to the Lakers roster to improve their odds of bringing a title back to Los Angeles, but the Lakers are also banking their future on him. He is a young center who is hardly in his prime. Dwight does not only improve the Lakers in the present, but has potential to change the future of the team dramatically as well. Before adding Dwight to their roster, the Lakers’ future outlook was bleak, especially after Kobe Bryant finally retires. With Dwight, however, the Lakers have found their centerpiece for the future.

Cuban continued, of course, to discuss his team’s moves and brought up the fact that since none of the players they signed were max contract signings, the Dallas Mavericks will have the cap space to resign everyone and have the cohesion necessary to develop a deadly chemistry. What Cuban neglects to recognize, however, is that there are two teams in the West with well-established chemistry in the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder, and teams like the Lakers who are dramatically better than they were a year ago. If the Dallas Mavericks were to have a shot at the NBA Finals at all this year, it would have come from signing Deron Williams to their team, which they did not.

Deron Williams opted to sign with the Brooklyn Nets (another team that Cuban “coincidentally” says he is not excited about). Although Mark Cuban claims that one of the best moves his organization made was the one they didn’t (acquiring Deron Williams), I have to admit that he does sound a little jealous.

I do, however, have to credit Mark Cuban for being one of the most caring NBA Execs, despite his flawed reasoning and logic.


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One thought on “Mark Cuban sips on “haterade”

  1. I think Chris Paul to the Clippers is a better chcioe in my opinion Blake Griffin last years MVP could use a solid 15 and 10 point guard. As for Dwight going to the Lakers, I don’t think Kobe and another superstar is a good idea. Think of what happened with Shaq and Kobe. Of course they one three rings but that was when Kobe was in his prime and Shaq too. I think that Kobe is trying to get his right now and with the way Dwight Howard’s game is he needs touches. In Orlando last year there were too many times where Dwight didn’t touch the ball as he wanted to and he expressed it vocally through the media. If this happens in Orlando why go somewhere where there is already a superstar present? But too each it’s own. The NBA will be interesting with all of the big moves made this off-season. MIAMI BABBBBBYYYYYY!!!!!!

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