Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars?


Today people were surprised to hear that the Academy had picked Seth MacFarlane, yes the creator of Family Guy and director of the movie Ted to host next years Oscars ceremony(see article here). Many know MacFarlane from his many voices, dirty jokes and his musical taste of Old Hollywood. The Oscars will be held on February 24 of next year, will MacFarlane surprise everyone and be a great host or is this just another poor attempt to gain young viewers to watch the Academy Awards.



My Take:

Lets face it Seth MacFarlane is more suited for Comedy Central Roasts than the Academy Awards. But all of his jokes aside, he has a big passion for the golden years of Hollywood and loves to sing. He has shown off his musical talent in episodes of Family Guy but not too many people know he goes beyond that. The link above is a clip of him singing at the British Broadcasting Corporation or ‘BBC’ Proms 2012, it is known as the worlds greatest classical festival. But there he is, the man who became famous from fart jokes is singing, and now he will be hosting the Oscars. I think this could be a good thing, in my opinion I think he will drop a few wise cracks but defiantly show off his talent and bring back that “Old Hollywood feel” This could be an attempt to bring in the younger audience, but I think they are expecting the “Seth MacFarlane director of Ted” not “Seth MacFarlane singing with Broadway Sound”. Lets face it, class doesn’t go out of style. I am interested in seeing the Oscars and what Seth will bring to the table.



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