The Potter Pen is back!!


Rowling’s overlong but often entertaining debut adult novel, is a big book that follows small people jockeying for a little position in tiny Pagford. When one of the community’s 16 parish councillors dies, a bunch of town notables try to use the ensuing ”casual vacancy” to pursue various agendas. Rowling does a nice job laying out her characters’ pretensions and weaknesses, which she punctures with gleeful flicks of a sharp comic blade (See full article HERE).


So, I am excited, simply to see what she can do. We all know the lady can write her ass off about the boy who lived but can she engage us on a more mature level? I haven’t read this book yet, but I will most likely as I said just to see. Rowling is arguably the most successful writer of this century so people are right to assume that anything she writes will be ambrosia. We shall see. Its good to see that she is not a one trick pony, maybe her next series will be “Hoewarts: School of Drugs, Sluts and Douchebaggery”, I’d read that.


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