Arnold’s Judgment Day


Arnold Schwarzenegger promised us his new memoir Total Recall would tell the story we don’t know, but he never counted on people not wanting to know that story in the first place (see full article HERE).


This is funny. Its funny for a few reasons: one the fact that Arnold and a publisher truly thought that the public actually gives a damn about him and his life once he stopped running the California economy into the ground. Its also funny because he named his book after one of his more mediocre films. Personally, if I were Arnold, I would have titled my book “Conan the misunderstood” or “the marriage Predator” or even “Jingle all the mistresses”, you know something current and cleaver. Is it too much to ask for a little creativity? I don’t think so. I also find humor in all of this because Arnald actually wrote a book describing, in detail I am told, his affair and his thought process behind it all. My question is does he reveal why on earth he decided to run for office knowing full well that he had no idea what he was in for? What the hell was he thinking? Governor? Who put that Ludacris idea in his head? And how the bloody hell did he win? These are questions I would like answered. I could give a damn about his infidelity. That has absolutely ZERO effect on my life. What I do care about is why he did what he did to the state. Sorry to his wife but… are you surprised he cheated? I am not. All in all, I definitely will be skipping this book. I rather read the memories of a disturbed persons organs, “I am Jacks gallbladder…”


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