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The Man with Iron Fists


This movie is a hybrid. It’s a combination of many films I’ve seen in the past. Its violent to the point of ridiculousness, like Tarentino’s “Kill Bill”, its story and plot points are cheesy and outlandish, like “Kung Pow” its story is straight out of “Smokin Aces” or “Tombstone” and its choreography was exquisite and enjoyable, like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. So this is a film of many facets, not all of them bad. All that said, I wont go as far as to say The Man with iron Fists in a good film. It’s a mixture of fantasy and history, creating a time period that never really existed but was nevertheless interesting to see.  There are about 5 different converging stories to deal with. Firstly, the leader of one of the many local gangs is murdered by his lieutenants so can steal a shipment of gold. Enter the now deceased gang leaders son looking for vengeance. Enter a hired assassin who is pretty much an X-Men made of bronze, then enter a cowboy from Great Britain, strange I know, THEN, FINALLY, we get to our narrator and main character, the local blacksmith.  Now he is really the most boring character, at least until we get his backstory, near the end of the film. But all he wants to do is earn enough money supplying the local gangs with crazy magic weaponry, so that he and his high-class prostitute girlfriend can leave the town for some place they never talk about. Could be Fresno for all we know. The only real reason to go and see The Man with Iron Fists is if you are a martial arts movie fan, because that’s all this is. It’s a love letter to the old school Kung-Fu movies from the 70s. Like a mix of Bruce Lee movies and Blaxploitation movies, so its ridiculous but still fun. But it’s not for everyone, so Matinee all the way.


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