Bond turns 50 with a Bang


THE FACTS: After four years off of the silver screen, James Bond made his triumphant return this weekend in Skyfall — and the British spy’s appeal was bigger than ever.

The action thriller grossed a truly massive $87.8 million in its first three days (and an additional $2.2 million during Thursday night previews), making its debut the very best in the Bond series’ 23-film history — by a huge margin (see full article HERE).



And rightly so. His film is awesome. I am so so happy it is doing well. It might be one of the best 007 films ever and certainly has the best portrayal of a Bond villain. Its good, go see it. The Cineverse reviewed it last week and gave it a full price viewing, heed our warning, do yourself a favor and see Skyfall. Just do it!

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