Beverly Hills Cop gets a lead!!



CBS has found its Axel Foley, Jr! Comedian Brandon T. Jackson — best known for his role in Tropic Thunder — will play Aaron Foley in Beverly Hills Cop, a sequel in development for fall 2013 (see full articlel here).


So I am not personally a fan of Jackson but what the hell. I mean Beverly Hills Cop isn’t one of my favorite things from the 80’s. they are few and far between, but I am willing to give the guy a try. None of his roles have truly offended me, of those I have seen of course, so why not. He is no Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy is no Eddie Murphy these days, but what are ya gonna do. I don’t particularly think that the show will do well but stranger things have happened, Honey Bobo anyone? Ill watch a few episodes and make my final decision after I have seen this new Foley and what he can do. Its not all on Jackson though, you got to have funny writing to go along with it. All in all I am not very excited but not quivering in fear either. We will see I guess.


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