The Boss Biographized


He was born in the U.S.A.—and now the world knows what came before and after. One of the more media-shy musicians in the industry has cooperated for the first time in over two decades on a vivid biography. Published on November 12, 2012, this new book on Bruce Springsteen highlights all of the nitty-gritty details that few have known, until now. Author Peter A. Carlin even scraped up some very honest insight on Springsteen’s treatment of band members. And it covers centuries of family history—intimate details that show the formation of the man behind the music, who was once just a shy and awkward kid from New Jersey.

For such a prolific musician, The Boss is a man of few words off the stage. Outspoken on several issues, including gay rights, Springsteen is a major philanthropist. But he isn’t so outspoken when it comes to his past, and not so much the kind of rock star who basks in the light of his success where everyone can see him. An emphasis on success doesn’t run in his family. He has been called reticent and reclusive, especially after two of his roadies filed a lawsuit against him some years ago (which has mostly been swept under the rug). The “real” Bruce Springsteen has remained elusive to even the most dedicated of fans. Perhaps this book is the answer?


What makes this book so different (dare I say novel?) from previous Springsteen biography attempts is the insight into the person the fans don’t get to see. Sure, it’s a little brainy. Only a history buff would be able to get through the first chapter without doubling over in boredom. But for those who truly admire Bruce Springsteen, this is a must-read. The style is a bit dry, but if you can get past a few awkward f-bombs and several really terrible attempts at literary humor, the pages will turn. Springsteen’s story is remarkable, and since no one should count on being able to hear it from him directly, this book may just do the trick. Don’t cross your fingers for a film to come out of it, though– it would be a snore.

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