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Red Dawn





Another day, another remake. It’s the curse of our generation that most big studio movies are ones that were already done back when our parents were our age. Red Dawn is no different. Back in 1984 Patrick Swayze brought us the Wolverines and their patriotic fight against the Soviet invasion. Not much different this time around, except this time it’s Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and it’s the North Koreans invading. Aside from these minor details, were looking at the same story updated with better special effects and a tad bit more action. That comparison aside however, this is actually a pretty decent war movie. I say war movie because I don’t want people to get the impression that this is just a cool action movie with an easy message and a happy ending; it isn’t. It identifies the harsh realities of war on both the occupying forces as well as the rebel forces. Its gritty and dramatic, sad and triumphant. It’s a war movie. I mean it’s not Spielberg status or anything like that, but its not Harts War or any of those other would be war movies that just don’t seem to get it, war doesn’t end well, and its not fun. Really, my only problem with this version of Red Dawn, was the same problem I had with the last one; I still find it hard to believe that high schoolers with no prior training can become insurgents in a few weeks time, but I suppose that’s where I am supposed to suspend my disbelief. I think that Red Dawn is definitely worth your time to watch, but only in a matinee, because its not for everyone.


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