the Box Office Season 2 Ep. 42 Review of “Hitchcock”


Good evening… and it was a good evening but you see, that is the problem. The evening, or mid afternoon which is when I saw Hitchcock, was good but that’s just it, it was good, not great. Let me explain. Hitchcock, in the same vain as is much better looking cousin Lincoln, is less about its namesake and more about soothing this particular person is/was doing/did.

It follows Alfred on his quest to get his greatest picture Psycho made. It shows how he is met with nothing but opposition at every turn and how none, save maybe his wife Alma played by Helen Mirren, believes in him and how he must overcome all the nay-sayers to make one of the greatest blah blah blah.  Now here is my cock with Hitchcock, it just sits there. I mean, already this year we have had huge successes in the “Academy Film” category. Flight was awesome and Lincoln may be one of the best films to come out in a long long time. So when a movie that’s about one of the most iconic directors in the history of film, one tends to have high hopes and throw it into the same category as the two previously mentioned films. Sadly though, much like the man himself, Hitchcock was a bit of a bore.

Lets examine it from top to bottom. Performance wise, I am not sure they could have done anything more to increase the vibrancy of the film. Anthony Hopkins does a bang up job as the old boy, as does Helen Mirren. In fact, there is not one performance in the film that wasn’t on par, so there is not a lot of fat to trim in that area. I really think the problem was the story and direction. Its lack luster, it really is. Its like they didn’t have much to say or show in this film so decided to rely solely on performances, unfortunately for them audiences have already been swept away by performances this year so when Hitchcock comes around it’s a lot of “been there, seen that”. Inflation is my guess, had Hitchcock of come out a few years ago, I would probably be singing a different tune but because we, myself included, have come to expect breakthrough performances AND proper story telling in our films of late that when we see one that is not up to par, we view it as just being so so.

This is what weighs Hitchcock down. I said this in the episode but this movie does not require you to pay $14 to see it, in fact I would go as far as to say this film has the look and feel of an HBO original movie. So do I think it was worth the ticket price I paid? (and I had to pay for two because I decided to kill two birds with one stone and have a date night as well as work, bad idea), of course not. Seeing as though the holidays are here and money is already scarce as it is, I suggest waiting to see Hitchcock until it finds in rightful home on a cable network.

Bottom Line:

DVD, it does nothing for you in the theater. If you want to watch something meaning, there are plenty of other movies that will entertain you more than the master or suspense.

And until next time…


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