Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen back for new X-Men Film!

X-Men Days of Future Past was one of the most enjoyable and interesting X-men story lines. It involved a mutant, Kitty Pride, who has the power to send her mind back through time. She does this because in the future, mutants are locked up in concentration camps and she wants to go back and prevent it.


Obviously this gives us the opportunity to show both the Past Professor Xavier and Magneto, played expertly by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender respectively,

And of course return the original actors that brought such life to the characters that McAvoy and Fassbenders portrayals were basically impressions of them!

The announcment was made via twitter by Former adn Future X-men Director Bryan Singer:


Thrilled to announce @ianmckellen118 &@SirPatStew are joining the cast of    More to come…

Singer also announced the return of Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy AKA Beast and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique No word yet on whether Rebbecca Romjin or Kelsey Grammer have been approached to reprise the older versions of those characters. I hope so. Even though I no love for X-Men 3, I have loathing for it, I did think Kelsey Grammer was a bit of inspired casting for Hank McCoy, so I hope they see to it that he comes back. Rebbecca Romjin has already popped up in these new movies, in a scene from X-Men first Class. Hugh Jackman is currently making a Wolverine movie, so I think its safe to say we can expect his involvement in some capacity, and as for the rest of them? Who knows. Ellen Page back for Kitty Pride? Maybe. Shawn Ashmore back as Iceman? Could be. James Marsden and Famke Janssen? Probably not so much.

My Take

Well I really enjoyed X-Men first class, I thought most of the actors were spot on with their characters and that I could be perfectly happy seeing them continue on into a new franchise. But as good as I felt about them, it doesnt come close too how happy I was to hear that the original cast would be returning again! Ian McKellen? Patrick Stewart? These ARE the best actors around, you cant top it! So including them into a movie makes the movie 10x better from the get go. I only how the movie is 4 hours long so everyone gets ample amounts of screen time!

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