the Box Office: Season 2 Ep. 43 review of Killing Them Softly






Killing them softly wanted badly to be a cool, slow burn gangland movie. Unfortunately it burned to slow, and consequently went OUT. Let me give the run-down, we have a couple a street criminals and a player that owns a dry cleaners shop. They decide its a good idea to rob a card game frequented and run by “connected” guys. Not really the smartest plan, but hey, they’re Boston lowlife’s with nothing better to do. So they go out there and they rob them. GREAT SCENE. Incredibly tense, incredibly thrilling, then its over. The, they slowly let us down and ease us into what I’m sure they hoped was a false sense of security, but in fact turned out to go past that directly into boredom. The problem? Why is an all star cast boring the whole of me?

Talking. They talk way too goddamn much. Now i’m not saying they’re motor mouths, this isn’t Gilmore girls with guns, but they just bullshit in cars, or in bars, about life in general and I yawn and yawn. Let me tell you what is was like. Take Reservoir Dogs, the opening of the film its a bunch of guys shootin’ the shit about Madonna and tipping, and its all interesting and stylish, but then it ends and they go a rob a jewelry store. But in Killing Them Softly, they just keep bringing up crap that has nothing to do about anything and they wont leave it alone. Usually in a movie when the audience comes into a conversation thats happening they wrap it up quick and move on to important things. Not here. Its like they dont realize that when you have a story to tell there are certain parts of life the audience doesn’t care about! Its like if we watched a character has a meal by himself, or go to the toilet, or watch TV. I DON”T CARE ABOUT THAT, SHOW ME WHAT I PAID MONEY TO SEE. So when they do show us those scenes, the movie is really good! Brad Pitt is awesome as Hitman Jackie Cogan, and when he goes to work its great! Super stylish, great cinematography, but since I had spent so much time sifting through the minutia of these other peoples lives that when it finally came around I was so disinterested that I wasn’t able to fully get back into it, which sucked.







Perfect example of what I am going on about is the inclusion of James Gandolfini. First of all we have a great actor, playing his role very well, but the trouble is that his role is completely unneeded. He is another hitman Brad Pitt’s character decided to hire on for the job. But it turns out that this hit man is at the bottom of a bottle and well passed his prime. So he spends his whole time drinking to excess and banging available hookers. Now if this was a movie about a hitman’s downward spiral that would be one thing. If that was the case I would watch the Matador. But I wanted to see a gangster flick, so I could give a good goddamn about his personal bullshit, I want to see him do his work! I’m sure this all worked well in the book, I’m sure its a great read, but thats the trouble with book-to-movie adaptations, great to read don’t necessarily mean great to watch. Bottom line? For a movie that has a running time of an hour and forty minutes its pacing is way off. Miss it in the theater’s, but maybe check it out on DVD, that way you can fast forward to the good parts.


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