the Box Office: Ep. 45 review of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I confess that I did love this film. But not as much as I loved Lord of the rings. That does seem to be the obvious comparison to this movie, which make sense since it is actually part of that overall story line. BUT, I think its more fair to compare The Hobbit to say, one of the early Harry Potter films. Unlike the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit is a much more whimsical, and funny movie. Its an adventure with lots of humor and thrills, unlike LOTR which is a hardcore fantasy drama. That being said I d confess myself a little disappointed. When I went into the theater, i confess i was expecting lord of the Rings again, and that is my fault for being ill prepared. I had forgotten that when Tolkien wrote the hobbit, he was writing escapist fare and fantasy to escape the horrors of the WWI trenches, whereas when he wrote the Lord of the Rings, he was allegorically talking about the evils of industrialism. So if you go into this movie with that in mind you will clear up any reservations I had. Well, mostly, there was one thing still niggling at me, the CG.

It was excellent dont get me wrong, but one of the great things I loved about Lord of the Rings was the EXCELLENT creature make up, and the fact that a majority of the orcs fighting were dudes in costumes and make-up. In the Hobbit unfortunately there are more than the fair share of CG orcs and Goblins. In fact I’d say close to 90% of them are computer generated. This was a bit of a disappointment seeing as the WETA creature workshop is probably one of the best around and certainly they picked up where the excellent Stan Winston left off. Those things aside however, the Hobbit is still a great film. Jackson still knows how to “wow” and audience, make us sit on the edge of our seats when our characters are in danger, make us relax and clam down when we reach safety, and make us worry when we may have lost someone. So while his storytelling talents remain undiminished I do fear for the CG laziness creeping in on him. I saw what a destructive force that could be when Star Wars episode I came out, and I can only hope that JAckson remains strong in the 

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