New Life to the Zone



THE FACTS: CBS TV Studios in the very early stages of a new version of the classic series The Twilight Zone.

Bryan Singer (X-Men) is attached as executive producer. There is no writer and or network attached at this time. So this project could fade away. But the development wheels are turning (SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE).


MY TAKE: Here is the thing, I am eager to see what they will do to bring this show into the 2000’s and beyond. That said, I hope they don’t go the way of American Horror Story. That show is weird, in ever sense of the word. It’s hardly scary, its just strange. Now the Twilight Zone was more suspenseful than scary but many people often thing if this show as a horror series. I hope that this new installment continues down the road of suspense and not try to detour to horror and get lost in the paranormal jigsaw puzzle of gore, magic kitchen cabinets and uninteresting plot like ALL of the horror films of the past 10 years. Things can be scary without being ridiculous; they can be suspenseful without using jump-scars and shock-shots. It can be intelligent, intellectual while still being very very entertaining, as the original Twilight Zone was and still is in my humble opinion. As I said, I am voting for a look back at its roots to find what it was that made the show an icon; jazz it up a bit yes but don’t turn it into an American idol showcase, that would just suck… a lot.

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