If your happy and you know, it its a sin


THE FACTS: Ridley Scott is set to direct his first-ever TV pilot. The Alien director will helm a new project at Showtime called The Vatican. The show is billed as a “a provocative contemporary genre thriller about spirituality, power and politics – set against the modern-day political machinations within the Catholic church. The series will explore the relationships and rivalries as well as the mysteries and miracles behind one of the world’s most hidden institutions.” Paul Attanasio (House) wrote the script (SEE ARTICLE HERE)

MY TAKE: … I don’t know about this one guys. I mean I have nothing but the utmost faith in Scott but a show about the Vatican? I suppose if there is one person, and a network, who could pull off such a thing it would be Scott and Showtime. He might be the best “swords and shields” director well ever and Showtime has experience with shows with this subject matter but still, something about it rubs me the wrong way. Better call an alter boy.

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