Bane Art Concepts

With the Dark Knight Rises hitting Blu-ray and DVD this holiday season some cool behind the scene photos have been popping up all over the internet. Here is some concept art of Tom Hardy’s character Bane before they started shooting. With Bane being such an iconic character it was difficult finding the right look for his mask but I think they got it just right.







I’m glad that they did not go down this route, I would not have taken Bane as seriously, regardless of Tom’s performance. He already sounded funny and that’s with the correction they made after releasing the prologue.  Between that and possibly looking like a Mexican luchador I would have walked out the theater opening night. It could have been worse, it could have been like Bane from the 1997 Batman and Robin.


Here is another great picture of Tom Hardy before they enhanced it by digitally removing his tattoos. He looks extremely menacing. 

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