ABC Orders Pilot of “Mixology” from the writers of “The Hangover”

Jon Lucas Scott Morre - H 2013The Facts:

ABC has ordered a pilot of the show “Mixology,” written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of “The Hangover.”

“Mixology” is a high-concept comedy shot with a single camera, set in a Manhattan bar. The story line takes place over a single night and follows a group of bachelors in search of love.

My Take:

I really hope that Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have more than one basic story line up their sleeves. “The Hangover” was hilarious and original as it told the story of one night during a bachelor party in Las Vegas. They followed it up with “The Hangover Part 2,” which followed the story of….. one night in Thailand that felt like the first movie was simply rehashed. Due to the similarities in the stories, the sequel was not nearly as unpredictable as the original movie, and as a result, just wasn’t that good. I really hope that this TV Series doesn’t turn out to be “The Hangover” spread over the course of a bunch of episodes and actually brings something new to the table.


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