Sexy is Back with a Suite & Tie

j_timberlake1_300_400THE FACTS: Three days after announcing his return to music with a video called “I’m Ready,” Justin Timberlake has released a new track, “Suit and Tie.” The Timbaland-produced cut, which features a guest verse from Jay-Z, was dropped on early Monday morning and is the first new music from the singer-turned-actor in over six years (see full article HERE).


MY TAKE: Ok, so like the rest of humanity I too was sitting by my radio salivating for the new JT song. When I first heard that the N-Sync superstar was going back into the studio I cried a little bit, ok maybe I cried a lot. So what about this “Suit and Tie”… its.. its..its cool. I say that in the 1920’s jazz sense of the word. This song is definitely not a club banger nor will it make the bedroom a less lonely place. Its cool, its smooth, its safe. This song is safe, there is nothing new here but nothing overdone either. It has a touch of old school yet, with the help of Jay-Z, also has a new wave vibe about it. Timberland is still a monster in the popular music game and him and JT go way back, so it’s no surprise that this song had Tim’s handiwork all over it. Here’s my thing, I know we were all waiting for the “future sex love justin-timberlake-646sound part duce” but that’s not what we are going to get methinks. In his YouTube announcement video, JT explained that it takes a lot for him to put out an album. Seeing that he is one of those artist who truly take their time perfecting their craft, only two albums in ten years (weeping), I do not think JT will give us something he has already done before.

And I am happy about that. I am glad the JT is coming out with another album and I am also glad that he is taking it in a new direction. Guys, I know FSLS was one of the best albums put out by a solo artist in a long long time, (Thriller, Miseducation of Lauren Hill anyone?) but you cant expect Kobe to hit every shot right (although Lakers…)? I have faith. JT is one of my favorite musical artist, acting not so much my friend, so I am sure his new album will be awesome even if its not the second coming of sexy. Anywho, enjoy the song below, before YouTube snatches it away from us. Con love!…


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