The Mack Dad(ies) are Back!!


THE FACTS: That’s right, the hip-hop duo of Chris Kelly and Chris Smith (or, as you may know them, Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac) will reunite onstage for the So So Def All-Stars Anniversary Concert, which will go down in Atlanta on Feb. 23 (see full article HERE)


MY TAKE: There is a God! Just when you thought all hope was lost because Obama wants to take away your guns, the lords of backward jeans bing us tidings of great joy. This is amazing, beyond that fact that Kriss Kross are still alive or together but are apparently still making music (wow). I cannot wait. I hope they do it right thought. I want a full on re-creation of their ridiculous music video of their number one smash song of a generation “Jump”. You remember, outrageously large east cost jerseys and packer jackets, over sized pants, boots, a low-rider and unfathomable hair. Not to mention it looks as if the entire video was filmed in Antarctica with all the snow and winter fashions (if you can call that fashion but it was the 90’s so we wont judge…too much). I hope they do well. And for those of you young-bloods who have no idea what or who I am talking about, see below. Con Love!


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