Te’o Hoax


Administrators from Notre Dame has pushed for Manti Te’o to go public with his dead girlfriend hoax story(See article here). Notre Dame officials contacted Te’o’s agent, Tom Condon and were told that the Heisman Trophy runner released his version of the events this past Monday.  Now Te’o and Notre Dame are now saying that Te’o was a victim of a hoax that started in December. Not only did this girlfriend not die but she never existed, apparently he was tricked into an online relationship that ended with him being told that the woman died from leukemia.

I can’t believe this is news, this reminds me of the ‘state of disbelief’ State Farm commercial, where this girl believes everything on the internet.  I don’t even remotely feel bad for Te’o; he can be a nice guy but that won’t change the fact that he is just gullible. Even though I am a few years older than him but I know better and I certainly am not going to believe everything that is online. Its more disappointing that it’s all over the news, does every news station not have anything else to fill that five-minute spot? Its like I am watching real house wives: Heisman runner-up edition. Can someone please turn this crap off and put on something else that doesn’t matter, aren’t we due for the news to declare war on something stupid at home in the United States, like marijuana or something else that is pointless.



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