No Gold for his Celling

THE FACTS: The Nashville duo is suing Pinnacle Entertainment in New York federal court. Drummer Patrick Carney and singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach say the casino owner commissioned a song that sounds like their hit “Howlin’ For You” for a commercial advertising two of its Louisiana properties. They are asking a judge for an injunction and compensation (see article HERE)


MY TAKE: Get em boys! I hope the keys take this guy for all he is worth. I mean this guy thought he was slick. He probably  said to himself “oh, I like the sound of the Black Keys song but instead of reaching out an paying them to use their song, ill just remake it”. Naw, not gonna fly boss. Now it could be the starving musician or the super hero fighting for truth and justice and the American way in me (yea, absolutely the latter) but I don’t like this guy. I mean, its not like he is some poor bloke who wants to use the Key’s song for a student project, this guy makes money. I mean he owns multiple, and in more than one, freaking casinos!! Like come on you cheep bastard. Pay the band to use their song and stop trying to bend the rules. This shady character needs to get the book thrown at him. Anywho, you have my support Keys, if you need some backup, let me know… as long as this owner isn’t connected cause if so, yall are on your own. Con love!


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