Lets get Punk


THE FACTS: Lovers of pretend-robot French dudes and giants beats, rejoice: Daft Punk are back. Details are currently sketchy, but the duo has reportedly signed a deal with Columbia Records (they previously released music via EMI), and have a new album is in the works, which we’ll likely lay ears on it before 2013 is over (see full article HERE).


MYTAKE: So I am trying as hard as I can to contain myself. Oh who gives a flying helmet, this is freaking awesome!!! I am a fan of electronica and Daft Punk is one of those pioneer groups who made it possible for fist-pumping and white-boy dancing to hit mainstream. Not to mention they are actually musically inclined (Tron Legacy anyone? Say what you will about that lack luster film but the soundtrack was way cool).

I am down, so down. You know that rumor that comes up every year, the one where people say “Oh, Daft Punk is goanna play (insert popular music festival/concert here). Well boys and girls, we might actually get that soon. We might actually get to see Daft Punk play live (new pants). Joy to the world an all its inhabitants. I do not care how ridiculous their contract with Columbia is, give them whatever they want. As long as they bring us more amazing electro beats and catchy tunes… one more time!!

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