Iphone or Blackberry…..that is the question

This Wednesday Research In Motion or better known as RIM is ditching their name and becoming Blackberry(See article here). They are also introducing two new smart phones and operating system, Blackberry 10. With the new operating system focusing on productivity and speed, Blackberry is shooting to win back large companies and government agencies. A new feature called Balance splits the phone into two devices. One for the work space and the other for personal use. This creates a sensitive work flow so your IT department can control the flow of data. The all touch screen z10 and Q10 will have 70,000 apps available including Skype, Angry Birds, Whats App and Kindle. Although RIM is trying to make radical changes and push these phones out in March and April, its still no match to Apples and Android phones. While Blackberry has 70,000 apps Apple has 800,000! No contest. Even with Apples loss of Steve Jobs it will be a while before Blackberry controls a large stake in the market. My predictions are if Apples iPhone 6 is as mediocre as their iPhone 5 they will fall to Android and have Blackberry behind them. The iPhone put Apple on the map and with Jobs gone there is no  drive for groundbreaking innovation. The iPhone is an entertainment phone just like the Android, what will give the Android its cutting is the cheaper cost with the same features. Blackberry has been known as a great business phone; they need to keep beefing up the entertainment aspect to have a fighting chance agains Android. I gave up on Blackberry when they released the Bold and Storm. They are stepping outside of their comfort zone and I would like to see how it works out for them.

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