Jay-Z and Readheads



THE FACTS: Will Gluck , writer-director of Easy A and Friends with Benefits, is in negotiations to helm Sony’s film adaptation of 1977 Broadway musical Annie. The film will be set in modern day and will also feature a full dose of modern music influences, with Jay-Z working on the soundtrack (read full article HERE)


MY TAKE: Ok, so not so much about who is directing the film that is important but more so who is doing the music. Now I don’t know about you and I am no psychic but I think I can see where this is going. I think having Jay-Z do the music means that this film will have a more “urban” vibe; meaning that we mightJay-Z-GQ-Cover actually get some black people in Annie (gasp, shock, pff).

I know what you’re thinking, “but Cordell, black people don’t have red hair!!!” To those ignorant philistines I would invite them to look up someone named Malcolm X but beyond that I don’t think Annie will be black. But I do think we will see some dark faces in this rendition (slight offensive pun… maybe). I am kind remotely possibly interested. I mean I am in no way ready to start lining the streets in anticipation as if they just announced a Harry Potter Twilight hybrid wizard vampire (could you even imagine the pandemonium?) but I might check it out. This is all hearsay of course. The only thing that has been confirmed is that they are currently in “talks” about this movie. So don’t get your gun yet (oops, wrong Annie) and lets just wait to see how hard knock they make this one. To hold us over, here is one of my least liked Jay-Z songs. Con Lov!


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