“World of Warcraft” movie finds a director!



The Facts

We all know someone who’s played WOW. In fact, Ive lost a few friends to that online world of orcs and goblins. They just hunkered down in the corner of their

Word of Warcraft 9parents basement, put some headphones on, got the snack situation figured out, and said goodbye to the sun. Well now, there may be something that will get this beta male basket cases to drop the mouse and get their sorry asses back into the real world, or at least the movie world. Duncan Jones, director of the two great sci-fi films Moon, a personal favorite, and Source Code, has been announced as the man chosen to helm the video game franchises first outing into the major motion picture realm. Now I first remember hearing about this movie over 6 years ago, and back then Sam Raimi was the man attached, but man moons have passed since then and its floated around Hollywood until now. Details have emerged from a story the Hollywood reporter did (here) about production and script. “Legendary is keeping its script under wraps.” However, they are aiming for a “fall 2013 start and a 2015 release.” It was written by Screenwriter Charles Leavitt, of K-PAX and Blood Diamond fame, and is supposedly pretty good. But I guess were going to have to wait a few years to find out!



My Take

Im a sucker for fantasy movies. You name it, from the big ones like Lord of the Rings, to the smaller ones like Willow. I also remember being a kid in the early 2000s, and so I played my fair share

of PC games, WarCraft included. So Bringing the two together is just what the 8 year old in me is waiting for! And as for Duncan Jones, he’s a man who has proven chops in both the character and action department, though both Sci Fi films. Still I think he will do just fine and am greatly looking forward to his effort. We need another director that can make a good Sword & Shield movie, Ridley Scott can’t do it forever!


Now all I’m wondering is how far behind is StarCraft?


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