The “King” shall return?

Rich Paul who is LeBron James agent and childhood friend has been privately telling people for the past two years that he is going to bring the “King” back home to conquer Cleveland(See article here). Although LeBron is the one to pull the trigger, Paul’s new agency, Klutch Sports calls Cleveland home and its client Tristan Thompson is reassuring benefits with an extended contract to Paul if he brings James back to the Cavaliers. One of James inner circle of friends had said, “Riley has never given them the run of the place in Miami, and they could all be back in business together in Cleveland. For Rich and [business manager] Maverick [Carter], they all see the benefits of getting the credit for bringing LeBron home again.” Even with the possibility of James returning to the Cavaliers there is an understanding with Wade pushing into his 30’s, Irving will be have to emerge and help lead the Cavies, but will that be enough, one could only hope. This so-called “King” turned his back on his kingdom, I for one have zero tolerance for one who betrays his people. It’s not so much why he left as to how he left, that was a selfish move on his part and shows his true colors. I am pretty sure if the opportunity would arise the people of Cleveland would eject him from the city. The fact that he had an ESPN special on “his decision” on whether he would stay or go shows he has no morals and is egotistical. Decision making like that is made behind closed doors with your employers not no the court in front of fans. To me this ring chasing, spineless, ball player, the “King”, is a king with out a country.  I hope if he goes back home the people on the city will give him what he deserves. OH LeBron you didn’t disappoint anybody, you disappointed everybody.

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