Valve Getting Sued

Valve is getting sued by the Federation of German Organizations (VZVB) because Steam doesn’t allow users to resell games. The project manager for digital consumer rights of the VZVB, Carola Elbrecht states that Steam users should be given the same rights as owners of traditional board games. And be able to sell their games whenever they want.

The VZVB are complaining that purchased games are linked to user’s accounts and therefore aren’t able to resell it. Elbrecht said. “If I pay the full price for a game, then why am I not allowed to do with it what I want,” The VZVB warned Valve to change their practice back in September, but Valve did not comply with the VZVB demands.

This isn’t the first time Valve was sued by the VZVB. In 2010 the VZVB attempted to sue Valve for similar reasons, but the German Federal Court of Justice dismissed the case. However, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that trading of used software was legal back in July. The VZVB are hoping that this ruling helps them in their case.

There are other companies that with the same business practices. Elbrecht says this case is meant to serve as a warning to other game distributors to change their ways since Valve is their current target.


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