Doctor Who: Night and Day

Doctor Who: Night and Day

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With “Day of the Doctor” rapidly approaching, I find myself thinking back to all those other gut-wrenching moments. All the good-byes.  Not just of the Doctor, but companions and allies as well.  Once again this adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/time travel/comedy/human interest series has managed to get me attached to another Doctor.  There is a vicious cycle within Doctor Who (that also happens to be a brilliant writing device), where you meet your Doctor and through all his charms and idiosyncrasies—love him.  Then something absolutely world-ending happens and he has to sacrifice himself, knowing he will regenerate but into someone completely new.  You spend a few weeks still mourning for your lost Doctor while trying to find flaws in the new one.  Then those flaws become the things you love about the new Doctor, which of course means something horrible (possibly world-ending) is going to happen and he too will be lost to you.  The next regeneration is happening soon and most likely will be set into motion with “Day of the Doctor” and completed in the Christmas special.

Whovians are going to get the chance to see the action on the big screen.  In select theaters around the world the “Day of the Doctor”, in celebration of DoctorWho’s Fiftieth Anniversary, will be show for a limited engagement (November 25th in most cases).  Naturally, when I heard the news I squealed and immediately had to contact my Whovian friends.If all of this wasn’t enough, showrunner Steven Moffat also Doctor Whoreleased a short, “Night of the Doctor” which is a prequel to “Day of the Doctor”.  The short is available on the BBC site and YouTube if you haven’t been able to catch it yet. In fact just type “Night of the Doctor” into Google now.  I highly recommend watchingit first as it ties the Doctor’s mythology together (and SPOILERS possibly gives us a way for the Doctor to continue past his limited 13 regenerations).  Here’s hoping we will get the full War Doctor story.

Notes on “Day of the Doctor” will be forthcoming…speed dependent upon the depths of the emotions Moffat thrusts down my throat.



Written by Kim Harvey


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