Marvel Studios is asking all of us one question right now… What are you doing for the next five years? From the look of it, going to the theater and seeing the next phase in Marvels cinematic universe!

First they recover spectacularly from an accidental leak of the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer;

Marvel Tweet

 And follow up not a week later with another new clip from the movie. A clip,  mind you, that everyone that was fortunate enough to make it into Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, has been dying to watch again.



Now, however, they have released all the information on the next phase of Marvel movies, and it is glorious.



Thor: Ragnarok



Captain America: Civil War



Where to begin… why not with the end?

Thor CloneRagnarok. For those who don’t know, Ragnarok is basically Norse Armageddon. It actually translates to ‘Fate of the Gods” (thanks Wikipedia!) which can’t be good. It refers to a battle that will take place in the future and pretty much kill everybody. Thor, Odin, Heimdall, Loki, I mean just wipe out Asgard. The Comics brush on this storyline as well, which I am assuming will be the basis for this movie. The other reference to Ragnarok in the comics is actually a character from the Civil War storyline, who is in fact a clone of Thor that Tony Stark and Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, created, and is also slightly insane. I doubt that they will go that route though.


As for Cap, Civil War is one hell of a great storyline. What Civil War entails is a split in the superhero community about whether or not Heroes should be forced to register with the government and work as a regulated police force. On the one side you have Tony Stark, who is pro-registration and pro-government,  and Captain America, who feels the registration act is a breach of civil liberties, and subsequently goes underground with other heroes who feel the same way. Conflict between the two groups arises and all hell breaks loose.Millar Civil This is one of the crown jewels in the marvel universe, along with such storylines as the Infinity Gauntlet (more on that here) and World War Hulk. One thing I am concerned about however is that it is a VAST storyline, and I am not sure one Captain America movie is enough to do it justice. I mean, they have been setting up Infinity Gauntlet forever now, I just hope that they give Civil War its due attention.





Plus, *spoiler alert*, the end of the Civil war storyline, in the comics at least, causes some major changes to the universe, and some of the major players. So it looks to me like Phase 3 of the Marvel cinematic universe, is going to stir up some serious S#!T!




Dave Brown

Editor/Executive Producer



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