Trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s CHAPPIE!


Neill Blomkamp has always been a reliable go-to for original sci-fi. To the astounding District 9, to the entertaining, if not mind blowing, Elysium. Now he is hitting back with his self-aware robot drama, Chappie.



The first thing I thought when I saw this trailer (thanks to our friends over at EW for the trailer and images!!) was

Hugh-Jackman_612x381that JOHNNY 5 IS ALIVE!! This feels like it will be a more realistic take on 1986’s Short Circuit, which is great because that was always and interesting concept. Blomkamp has, as per usual, brought together a great cast that includes, Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver, Dev Patel (of Newsroom and Slumdog millionaire fame) and of course his lucky charm Sharlto Copley. Now, judging only from the trailer, this movie does seem to be more of a character study with action interspersed, much like we got from District 9. That is good news. I felt one of the major problems we encountered with Elysium was the importance placed on the visuals, and the action and the stunts. It was an action movie with science fiction overtones and the skeleton of a compelling story. This on the other hands definitely looks like it will demand more out of its audience.

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