New Viral site for JURASSIC WORLD!


If you are like me, then you still have hope that Jurassic World can be awesome. I know what your saying, “But Dave, we’ve been burned in the past, remember when we thought Jurassic WorldLost World and JP3 might be good?”. I hear you guys, but some how, I think the filmmakers behind Jurassic World, are taking this undertaking more seriously. Just look at this viral site for Masrani Global!

From what I can gather, looks like a billionaire bought all the right to the INGEN technology, rebuilt the Park, and here we go again. AWESOME. Plus, they even have some of the original cast! B.D Wong is there! Check out some of these great photos!

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

So I remain cautiously optimistic that this movie won’t squander the legacy of Jurassicchris-pratt-jurassic-world Park, like all the other sequels have. I am excited at the involvement of Chris Pratt,I am excited that Spielberg is still around to produce, and I have loved the set photos that have been coming out.

Hear’s hoping we can say;

Welcome (back) to Jurassic Park!

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