NBC’s HANNIBAL TV series finds its new boss!!



Hungry for some more Liver and Fava beans? Perhaps with a nice Chianti?




The facts:

It was announced on Hollywood Reporter (read that story here) that acclaimed actor Laurence Fishburne, would be joing the cast of the NBC serial killer drama HANNIBAL. Fishburne will be playing the part of Behavioral Science Unit head Jack Crawford. Fans of the previous films will remember the part being played by Dennis Farina, in Manhuter, Scott Glenn, in Silence of the Lambs,  Harvey Kietel, in Red Dragon, and by no one in Ridley Scotts Hannibal. This, coming soon after the announcement of Bond villain Mads Mikkelson taking the coveted role of the clever, if cannibalistic, Dr. Hannibal Lector, a role made famous by Anthony Hopkins.




My Take:

I think this is great news. The part is a good one and it deserved and actor with Fishburne’s gravitas, and I think he will fit in well with the rest of the cast. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson Ill have to wait and see on. I am very positive that Mikkelson will be a excellent Lector, his acting credits in both American and Foreign films give me more than enough confidence in his abilities. But the Lector role is more than just licking your lips and say good lines in a creepy way, it’s about the relationships. Lector relationship with Will Graham, his relationship with Clarice Starling, THESE are the important parts about the character. And THAT, is what I’m concerned about, THAT is what they have to nail, in order for this to work, and to keep the audience hungry for more, er, uh, metaphorically speaking that is.


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