The Box Office Season 1 Episode 16 – Reel Steel


I really did love this movie. The cheese, the fluff, the ridiculousness… all of it. It harkens bad to those 80s films like Karate Kid and the like, where there were more music montages than spoken plot lines. To be honest I thought Real Steel could have used a couple more of those. Don’t get me wrong Shawn Levy made a stellar movie and the cheese factor was turned way up, but it seemed like there could have been a little more! Movies, in my opinion, can work only two ways when cheese is concerned. Absolutely none, or dripping with it. Moving on from that though, lets talk about Hugh Jackman.

Now here is a great actor that audiences are willing to forgive anything for. We just love him. The man has made some real bombs, Australia and Wolverine come to mind, but we always find a way to explain those away. Its like we cant stay mad at the guy! Well if there HAD been anything to forgive this movie would have done it. Jackman is on screen 90% of the film and you just love it. From his earlier irresponsible character to his redeemed and conscious father role, we like him from start to finish. Now, I’m sure you have all see the trailers for this and know what the robots looks like. Well let me tell you, there was a mix of CG and practical robots in this film, and at times you cant tell which was which. They looked that good.

Generally with a movie like transformers and the like you have to suspend your disbelief for both the story AND the effects, in Real Steel however, you felt like you could easily invest yourself in this world, without worrying about a rude, poorly executed CG awakening. Truly though, I left the theater smiling from ear to ear, its just so much good cheer packed in there. They give you about a half hour of exposition, the classic “I’m no good at being a father, I’m a washout” etc etc. THEN, we get another hour and a half of sweet robot battles and triumphant personal victory. Loved it. Full price, and if it wont give you a headache, then even check out a 3D showing.

Conclusion: YES!!!

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