Hugh Jackman homeless man



Hugh Jackman is homeless

Just kidding, this is a picture of Hugh Jackman on the set of his new movie, “The Wolverine”. This will be the sixth installment into the X-Men franchise. The new movie is expected to take place in Japan which followed the events from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Director James Mangold is also borrowing some elements from Frank Miller and Chris Claremont’s 1982 “limited series”.



My Take:

Hugh Jackman has done a good job filling the shoes of the Marvel hero Wolverine. Just as Christian Bale as the Dark Knight and Robert Downey as Iron Man; there is no doubt in Jackman’s performance in his upcoming film. However there can be concern with the direction of the film. In 2009 Gavin Hood did a sub par job with “X-Men: Origins”. No disrespect to the new director James Mangold but out of the five movies he has directed I have only heard/watched one of them. That movie was “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. After the last Wolverine movie plug any Marvel fan has a right to be concerned. All I would like to say is please don’t use computer generated Wolverine claws, it was like I was watching animation from a live action/cartoon. Those claws looked so fake in “X-Men: Origins”, I’m sure that everyone can agree that. My recommendation is keep an eye out for production stills and wait to see the trailer, from there we can figure out if this movie is worth seeing or not.

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