Jp 4

THE FACTS: Jurassic Park 4′ will arrive in theaters June 13, 2014, Universal announced on Friday. . Steven Spielberg won’t be directing this time around, but he is going to produce the project with Frank Marshall (see full article HERE).


MY TAKE: ok, so lets not talk about Jurassic park 4, lets not. because if it is anything like the last time SS made a trilogy into a quadrilligy, we got Indy 4 (I just vomited in my mouth a little bit). So I don’t really want to think about Jurassic Park 4. The reason I am writing this dear loyal readers is because due to the remake happy studios, we get to relive our childhoods. They will also be releasing the original, yes original not The Lost world or that movie with the big ass stupid birds, back into theaters in April in hopes to “hype” up the new installment. Of course, like everything these days it seems sadly, it will be in 3d which in and of itself is annoying but at least I get to see this movie, one of SS best in my humble opinion, in theaters again. That fact alone makes me ok with them making a fourth one. Will I see JP4? You know the answer to that question, will it be memorable in a good way, now that is a question. I have no answers for you. All I can say is “…hold on to your butts”


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