The Soul of a Movie

So today, I have decided that there is nothing new worthy in the entertainment world today. Instead of telling you about a jurassic-park1_481597canceled show that nobody watches, obviously because its getting canceled, or Lindsey Lohan’s newest legal fiasco I thought I would share something that as been on my mind for a while now.

What is it that gives a movie its soul? Some would say the story, others the direction and many agree that it is the acting or performances that does do. I would argue none of the above. I think that it is the music that truly brings a movie to life. The motion picture soundtrack my friends, this is the topic of our discussion today. As many of you know I adore movies, truly but I am also a musician and l


ove music just as much if not more so. The soundtrack to a film gives it its tone, gives it its character, gives it motion. It breathes life into the film. The music can either add everything or take away just as much. I bring this up because I feel that many movies these days are lacking in this department. I fear that there is a trend of new cinema not to put an emphasis on the soundtrack. This blog is more than just the rambling of a disgruntled movie buff, it is a plea to filmmakers to not forget what made people fall in love with films. Think of all the great films, the ones that many hold in high regard. I bet you all the brain cells Lindsey has lost that they all have equally as memorable soundtracks. The Godfather, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, all these movies have amazing scores. Sweeping musical pieces that compliment the film in untold ways.


     I miss it, I do. I miss being able to walk out of the theater humming the theme or hearing sections from the film in my dreams. I don’t get it like I used to. Sure there are still some who subscribe to the old ways/ John Williams is still out there even though he exclusively scores Spielberg movies it seems like. We also have Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore who do fabulous work but I want more. I want to be able to list more names than just these few, I want to be able to describe a movie buy not just who directed or stared in it but by who did the music. Think of Star Wars, the original Superman, Indiana Jones or even Jurassic Park for that matter (yes, these are all John Williams movies so I am sure you can guess who my favorite composer is). Everyone knows these themes, as they rightfully should. I might not have all the answers but I vote for putting music back in movies and making it do more than just add background noise. Use it to its full potential and watch, or listen, to what happens.Godfather001










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