Why Spider-Man 2 (really 5) will Suck…just like the others

thCA6MNVYYTHE FACTS: The Sideways and John Adams actor, Paul Giamatii, is in talks to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel as the bruising villain Rhino — a man who had armor and a ramming horn surgically grafted to his radiation-enhanced body to become an unstoppable fighting force ( see full article HERE)


MY TAKE: This is ridiculous. I mean, not the fact that they are thinking of Paul for the part, that’s kind of farfetched in my opinion but it couldn’t be worse that the other Spidy villains we have seen creep across the screen, but the fact  that they are thinking of bring Rhino, are you serious? What are they thinking? Do they really think audiences will buy that? Of all the crappy villains Spider-Man has, they pick Rhino? This must be a farce, it must be.  Come on guys, with movies like Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise and the things Joss has done fo2004 National Board of Review Gala Awards Dinnerr the Avengers, how can they expect to compete with juggernaut (pun!) movies like these with piss poor villains?  Rhino?? Like come on!!!!! For once, just once can we get a proper Spider-Man movie? We have four and all four are lack luster. I mean yea, he may be the weakest super hero in the Marvel universe…well the fantastic 4 are pretty wack as well, but still help the guy out. Peter parker is the Holden Cawfield of heroes but that doesn’t mean his ,movies have to be as dry as his web does it?

I don’t know, I just hope they stop making Spider-Man suck, because with Iron Man 3, Capitan America 2 and the DC comics taking on a life of their own, I don’t see a hopeful future for the franchise of Spider-Man, especially if they don’t start working with proper villains again…err ever. Anywho, here is a look at perhaps the worst superhero movie ever made, Spider-Man 3. Con Lov!

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